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What is ValuePay ?

ValuePay is a simple yet revolutionary Internet Service through which you can earn money when you and your friends are online, visiting Websites, or using any of our services.

By using the power of the Internet and our technology we are able to reverse the rules of the game. Now, everytime you use Email, Surf the Web, Chat or even play online games - you will earn money!

How is this possible ?

Our philosophy is simple: We share the total income we earn through advertising and other services, with all of our members on an "equal 50-50 basis".

Our revolutionary minibrowser called pIggy! allows this to happen.

The magic of pIggy!

pIggy! is a minibrowser that will work "on top" of your current browser - it will not change any of the features in your browser, except add a small rectangular box on the top right corner, called the pIggybox , which displays ads.

image1 image2
image3 image4
image5 image6

Since our advertisers pay us to send these ads out to you, we share the income equally - that is, if we earn $1 for sending out an ad to your pIggybox, we give you 50 cents and we keep 50 cents.

pIggy is intelligent! (only if you allow it to be)

What makes pIggy! amazing - is that you can customize the ads that the pIggybox displays according to your personal interests and preferences.

Play Computer Games? Simply select it in your preferences menu, and the pIggybox alerts you the next time there are special offers at nearby stores or websites, or if a new gaming site or hot-selling game is launched. pIggybox even even updates you on the latest news in the gaming industry, if you choose. Don't like to see Golf ads ? Simple - Click and block them out!

The more information you share with pIggy! - the more intelligent pIggy gets - fetching only those ads which interest you and cutting out all the junk and clutter. This makes advertising more like content and less of a distraction to you, creating a win-win situation for both you and the advertiser.

Some features of pIggy!

... You continue to Surf the Web the way you always did - there is no need to visit any special sites.

... There is no reduction in your browsers window size as the pIggybox is strategically placed outside your browser window in an area that is not used.

... You have total control over when to switch pIggybox off and on with a single click.

... You can block out ads of a particular manufacturer or category completely, if you choose to do so.

... If a particular advertisement interests you, but you do not want to be distracted from your current webpage, you may save the ad for a later visit, with a single click using the "Hot Save" button.

... Since we may charge our advertisers an average 15 cents for a 5 minute spot - we give you exactly half or 7.5 cents, which works out to an average of 90 cents direct earnings per hour for you.

... Members who share more information about their interests and preferences with Piggy! , will be able to earn more, because our advertisers will pay more for focused advertising.

... At no stage will the advertiser have access to your individual profile. Your personal data will be completely safeguarded and remains invisible to any third party. Our system works on a very high Privacy Policy Standard.

Read more on our Privacy Policy

Is there a limit on how much I can earn ?

Currently we have a limit of $50 per month as a direct payout to you when you use our services. As our member base and advertising base grows this amount will increase.

However, there is no limit on the additional bonus amounts you can earn by building your network of referrals.

What are referrals ?

The referral system allows you to earn more by telling your friends about us. There are two types of referrals you can have - direct referrals and indirect referrals.

Your direct referrals are friends and people you tell directly and who join us.

Your indirect referrals are the people who your direct referrals tell, and who join us.

Further, your indirect referrals may tell even more people. These people will also become your indirect referrals.

This chain of referrals goes on upto a maximum of 5 levels, and there is no limit to the total number of people you can have in your network. The concept is easily visualized, as a tree that grows and spreads its branches out.

Now for the fun part!

You earn money everytime your referrals earn money! This means you will earn everytime your referrals Chat, Surf the Web, Shop Online, use EMail or earn money in other ways on our Network.

For every direct referral that you make - you will earn a 10 cent bonus each time they earn one dollar on our Network.

For every indirect referral that you make - you will earn a 5 cent bonus each time they earn one dollar on our Network.

bonus earnings YOU get when each of the above referrals earn $1.00

You can calculate your potential earnings at any time by using the online earnings calculator.

For example, if you refer 5 members, and they in turn refer on an average only 3 members each, then you will earn $158 if each member earns $5 dollars on an average per month.

Note: You cannot get a bonus earning on a bonus earning that your referral gets. Your bonus earnings are calculated on the total direct earnings of your referrals, not inclusive of their bonus earnings.

How do I get paid?

When you join, you will automatically get a ValueCard Account which keeps track of your total earnings. By using our services you will earn ValueDollars which are reflected in this ValueCard Account.

One ValueDollar is equal to One U.S. Dollar, when you cash in.

Cashing In

At the end of the month, you can login to your Control Panel area on the Website to check your total ValueDollar earnings and convert them into Dollars. We will then send you a check for this amount. The balance ValueDollars (if any) will remain in your ValueCard account and will be carried forward to the next month.

Note: Due to the high cost of processing and sending out check payments, the minimum amount you can cash in is $50. Also, If you do not login to your account to cash in - your entire earnings will be carried forward to the next month - you will not lose anything.

Members may login and check their ValueCard account earnings at anytime on the Website.

What are your terms and conditions ?

In a nutshell: (1).You can sign up once only (2).One computer can have one account only (3).One account per email address (4).You may have the same account in your home and office computer (5).ValuePay is Free (6).We have a zero tolerance rate for spamming (7).You need to be an active member to get your bonuses (8).Our Fraud policy (9).Membership is on a first-come first-served basis (10).You may terminate your membership at anytime.

Click here for details.

How do I get started ?

Join now! Its Free, and it takes only about a minute. When you register, you will get a confirmation email telling you when and where you can access our services and pIggy! our minibrowser.

Our Privacy Policy.

We will not give out, sell or rent your name, personal information or email address to anyone at anytime. We respect your privacy, and we have a very high Privacy Policy Standard. Click here to learn more.

Is available worldwide ?

Yes, all are welcome.

Have a question? Ask Us!

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